A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

A springtime walk in the woods, when the weather is just right, the air fragrant and filled with bird songs, will always refresh your whole being. It will make you feel alive from head to toe, will soothe your heart and put your ideas in order. Before spring is over, let’s go for a virtual […]

Walking Through November

Autumn oak leaves

The better you learn to take things for what the are, the less you’re going to prefer one season to another. It comes with being able to focus on the beauty in the present moment, and right now it is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Walking at temperate latitudes, I snapped some shots of the […]

Bun-E the Knit


My first attempt at knitting toys. It was fun to make, and rewardingly well received as a gift, so, my second attempt is about to happen. And others too The bunny also had a brownish scarf made from the same yarn I used for the rim of the ears, but, when I realized I didn’t […]