5 Tips to Improve Communication in Any Circumstance


Warning: seemingly boring introduction ahead – it involves Latin. Bear with me, though The word communication comes from the Latin verb communico, which comes from communis, which means common, public. This is another way of saying that communication is not merely about speaking, but mostly about relating and connecting. You can speak to another person […]

Making Things Work

Making things work

I’ve already written some sort of personal introduction, so let’s jump directly into the new stuff. Here it is, at a glance… or two The new mobile responsive design of the site makes me happy – StudioPress has some gorgeous premium WordPress themes! In the beginning, I wasn’t exactly convinced, but, since I had an accident […]

Let’s Spend 2014 Together

Happy New Year!

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the new year and that it will be a wonderful one for everybody. I spent the holidays void of any “holiday spirit”, occasionally mildly annoyed by the inconveniences of these two weeks of little productive/practical activity – stores, banks, other businesses closed or insanely busy, shortages, etc. With a bit […]

Shift Your Thoughts

The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 6 – The Depression Series If you want to change your life, you have to start with your thoughts. Thinking an orange is blue, most likely won’t just turn it blue. However, thinking that happiness is possible can motivate you to make drastic change you wouldn’t even consider while thinking that happiness is a […]


The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 5 – The Depression Series “The obsession with suicide is characteristic of the man who can neither live nor die, and whose attention never swerves from this double impossibility.” Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher and essayist First, a little personal story. Exactly as Cioran put it so well in words, years ago, I saw no […]

Create an Anti-Depression Strategy

The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 4 – The Depression Series How do you know when someone is ready to overcome depression? They look for a way out – help, support, information, etc. No one can be coerced into getting better. Making choices that can improve your life, changing your thoughts and consequently your feelings, finding motivation and hope, they […]

Ready or Not?

The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 3 – The Depression Series Before starting the process of eliminating depression, you should own your decision to do so. You should feel with your whole being the desire to lift up your spirit and feel better. It’s not easy, I know, and this desire will probably come from getting too fed up with […]


The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 2 – The Depression Series My personal belief is that anyone who chooses or accidentally happens to look through the cracks of the common inertia that is usually called every-day life will experience some degree of depression. Consciously or not, depression is rooted in disappointment. We grow up being explained how life is, how things […]

My Own Experience With Depression

The Depression Series by Adriana Popovici

Part 1 – The Depression Series A hypersensitive child, I was very uncomfortable with feeling overwhelmed by my own emotions. I saw surface and depth at the same time, understood dynamics and conflicts in people and their relations, and I absorbed the environment undiscerningly. As an adult, I came to see this as a natural part […]