The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

Nicolae Ceausescu and wife

History is mostly interpretation. It does not only file facts, but it analyzes what those facts mean, and not all things have the same meaning for all people. With so many books and documentaries available, we’re fortunate to live times when vast information is readily available, but also responsible for sifting through the data and […]

“Ashes of the Past” Is Available on Amazon


“Ashes of the Past”, my new book of old poetry, is available for purchase in both print and Kindle version! It comprises 42 poems I wrote between 2002 and 2007, mostly in free verse, including “One”, “Forward” and “Temperance”. The trailer above contains snippets of poems you can find in the book. Give it a […]

Back for Good

Happy Adriana

Hey there! Words can’t express how much I’ve missed writing here, so I’m not even trying to say it. Just know that tears happened. It was recently announced that Google is splitting Plus, and I’ve been laughing ever since. Not at Google, but at myself. There’s Google, king of Internet traffic, changing the structure of […]

The Benefits

Autumn Melancholy Series - part 3

The most important reason I decided to publish this short series was the realization that I (still) repress too much – up to the point that I offer a bland and inaccurate image of me. It made me feel like I’m betraying myself, which may not be a good feeling, but is a good indicator […]

The Evaluation

Autumn Melancholy Series - part 2

When the last box touched the floor of our new place, a rush of sheer joy replaced my anticipated feeling of relief. That night, when I went to brush my teeth, I looked in the mirror with a huge smile on my face and a healthy feeling of self-appreciation in my heart. Sore muscles and […]

5 Days of Horror Writing Challenge

5 Days of Horror

Earlier this week, I started a writing challenge (the two sentence horror story challenge, to be precise) as an exercise in a genre I am not familiar with. You can read more about it on Google+, where I posted a two sentence horror story every day since Monday. It’s been an interesting challenge, and the […]

The Trigger


It happens sometimes to praise someone disproportionately much. You keep saying how wonderful they are, and you’re totally understanding whenever they are not that wonderful – it happens, everybody has those moments. Until the day they behave in such a disrespectful manner that you just have to face the fact that they don’t care about […]

Autumn Melancholy – New Series Intro


I keep saying and writing this: I can’t fully adapt to autumn this year. I’ve made butternut squash soup, picked up fallen leaves, made a wreath, I’m taking walks, admiring colorful hills, breathing in the scents of autumn, I’ve had plums, grapes and apples, I’ve felt warm on colder days… Occasionally, I’m feeding stray cats… […]