Somewhere to Go


As long as there’s ground, you have lots of places to walk to. As long as there’s water, you have lots of places to sail to. As long as there’s air, you have lots of places to fly to. Whenever you feel a particular place is out of reach for you, whenever you feel there’s nowhere you can go, redefine “somewhere”, choose from the multitude of places available to you even when you feel completely stuck in life.

Maybe you can’t see the road, or maybe there aren’t any signs around, or people to ask for directions, but there is always somewhere to go. The trap is the very feeling of being trapped, because, in reality, there are few conditions that drastically limit our mobility… and even those can be overcome.

Very often, it is only fear what blinds us to alternatives, possibilities, opportunities. But fear is manageable, and the horizon ever changing, so, when you feel you have nowhere to go, remember that any direction is open. You just have to choose.

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