While Waiting for Salvation

While waiting for salvation, you can read a book. Or ten. Or more. And wait. Wait until you forget what you are waiting for, but go on waiting, because your excuses make perfect sense.

You can do what your friends do. What everybody else does. And, despite wishing and waiting for change, you keep missing it, because you’re always choosing the comfort of uniformity.

You can cry and fret, regret and hate, crippled in misery. And wait. Wait for even more suffering and bitter yearning, because you can’t even hope anymore.

But there are also other things you can do. You can think about yourself, and apologize for neglecting yourself, your needs, your voice, your dreams. You can forgive and make peace with yourself. Remember what makes you happy – truly, deeply, lastingly happy –, think of what you’d need to achieve that state of bliss, and move on, doing something in that direction. And something more. Every little thing at a time. At your own pace. Before you know it, a miracle happens – one you’ve worked yourself! And another one. And others more. Because miracles are what happens when you’re busy being your best self, your more active, less complacent self.

There’s no need to depend on luck, other people, entities or “forces” to deliver miracles at your door, because you are able to produce your own. Salvation doesn’t just happen, you practice it. Daily.

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